October 2018

Leadership Hampshire County

The Leadership Program is not active at this time. Please contact Suzanne Beck for more information.

In collaboration with the United Way of Hampshire County, the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce has formed Leadership Hampshire County, a community leadership program designed to prepare qualified area individuals to be effective leaders in nonprofit, municipal, and business settings. Leadership Hampshire County will recruit and train a new generation of leaders for Hampshire County and thereby strengthen the county’s ability to address social and economic problems and take advantage of new opportunities.

Leadership Hampshire County will identify and nurture potential leaders, develop networks of people from different sectors of the community who can work together to address community problems, and instill a sense of community trusteeship among potential leaders. A pilot program geared toward existing leaders was conducted in the first half of 2006 to evaluate the program curriculum and build support for the program.

Congratulations to our first class of Leadership Hampshire County graduates:

  • M. J. Adams, Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity

  • Lisa Bertoldi

  • Ronald Bittel, Riverside Industries, Inc.

  • Alisa Brewer, Amherst School District

  • Will Bundy, Eastworks

  • Jeff Ciuffreda, Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts

  • John Coull, Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Donna Davis-Speakes, Bank of Western Massachusetts

  • Pennington Geis, Hampshire Council of Governments

  • Mary Clare Higgins, City of Northampton

  • Marian Kent, Safe Passage

  • Judith Marksbury, Smith College

  • Heidi Nortonsmith, Northampton Survival Center

  • Rob Okun, Men’s Resource Center

  • Robert Ostberg

  • Russell Peotter, WGBY Public Television for Western New England

  • Jacqueline Pinn, Everywoman’s Center

  • Julie Pokela, Market Street Research, Inc.

  • Marilyn Richards, Cooley Dickinson Hospital

  • Ed Sayer, Hilltown Health Center

  • William Sayre

  • Mistinguette Smith, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

  • Eric Snyder, Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce

  • Wendy Sweetser, Highlands Community Initiative

  • Lenny Weake, Quaboag Valley Chamber of Commerce



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